Selling Realistic 3D gun Model

I was curious to know if it is possible to sell Kriss Vector 3D model that is animated to your store. Now the question is what kind of changes i need to make for this model in order the model to be accepted to your store, Since there might be some legal problems with some brand names etc.

Hey @zaikoni we’ve gotten this question before with our weapons and wanted to share other threads that talk about this and also our approach because sharing is caring :slight_smile: Cheers!

Some thread topics about this:

Other info:

All logos and any other trademarked wording has been removed from the weapons themselves or changed to imaginary ones, so there are no trademarks, logos or company identifiers on the weapon models themselves. To mitigate any other risks we recommend continuing this trend forward into the UI and avoid using the copyrighted or company names when referring to the weapons themselves. We did a fair amount of research on the subject before beginning the creation process and from our standpoint you’re in safe waters here. In fact EA stopped paying licensing fee’s for all weapons almost 3 years ago and as you can guess it hasn’t impinged on their ability to use weapons that look identical in all of their games.

Their legal argument was that an author doesn’t have to pay Colt for writing ‘The Marine lifted his <insert gun brand name here> and shot the badguy’ so why aren’t video games allowed the same leeway. Apparently it’s valid as they haven’t been forced to reverse their decision since. From the gun makers perspective it’s all free advertising, which would explain why you’ll be hard pressed to find record of an arms manufacturer ever issuing a cease and desist to any game/film studio or author. Now when it comes to other objects such as vehicles, it appears that the risks are higher that manufacturers would have issue with unauthorized use but with guns we seem safe for now as long as the weapons don’t have the logos plastered all over them, which ours don’t for this very reason.


Thank you so much Ironbelly for responding and taking the time! This helped out a lot.