Selling our game on the Epic Launcher?

Not sure if this forum is only about the UE4 asset marketplace, but I was wondering if Epic had plans to broaden their marketplace’s indie library.

A lot of players like Steam because it’s decent and they already have it, but indie devs have been questioning how useful it is versus how large a bite they take. We want to launch our game next year and for us it seems like the ideal situation would be if we could get on the Epic Launcher with Fortnite, ARK, UT4, etc.

If there is an “Epic Greenlight” program or a better place to ask this, please direct me.

If you’re curious, here’s some alpha gameplay:

I think it could be quite a risk for Epic Games to start their own online store to compete against Steam, App Store, Play Store and the other minor online stores of some large software houses.
They surely could afford that but if it is not a huge success and they fail to grasp no less than 25% of the whole marketshare in a 24/36 months period they would end up losing a lot of money instead of getting richer. I don’t know but I doubt that their main goal right now is trying to compete against the three big online stores that own the whole market.
Unity too that is Unreal Engine 4 main 3D Engine competitor for indie developers although Epic Games gets a larger percentage of AAA games so far never even remotely attempted to create its own online store to compete against Steam and the others. Surely they could afford to do that too but is the high risk really worth it ? A failure is just unacceptable and would then cause really big troubles.

The Launcher is already being redesigned to accommodate that kind of store; I doubt they wouldn’t start a larger store, selling thirdparty games;
Players can already download Mods, and Fortnite now brought in millions and millions of eyes to EpicGames launcher.
Selling more games is just a matter of time IMO. *Unless they really really don’t want to pick a fight with Valve…

if they would manage to do that with the same 12% costs like for us marketplace sellers, a lot of people would jump on that wagon.
I for one would love to see how that would pan out.

It’s the next logical step for Epic and Steam needs serious competition.

Developers have been asking for a dedicated Games Marketplace for ever:

Past Examples: 1 2 3

Tim Sweeney often talks about the unhealthy practices behind game pricing…
But he doesn’t need the money… So if it happens it will be for other reasons.
Even just a new niche](This is why Games Industry is Disgusting... - Off-Topic - Unreal Engine Forums) market would be cool to see… But will it ever happen?

Tim Sweeney stealing my ideas again :rolleyes:

EDIT: I know, it was just a joke about the timing!

Actually this topic has been suggested for years already…

Yeah, it was always definitely more of a collective-consciousness thing than anyone’s particular idea…
Now the wait is over. Should be interesting. What if Epic make more money from Unity games vs UE4?:stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting that this thread began this week.

For those who have not seen the announcement - Announcing the Epic Games Store - Unreal Engine

[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]

I’ve been sending emails to Epic for years pleading for exactly this, its just huge!
And to take the 5% out of the 12%…C’mon, I mean to anyone that’s just saintly.
I quipped elsewhere that Tim is the new messiah with Fortnite bigger than Jesus.
But seriously… . Please send a warm thank you up the chain to Mr Tim Sweeney… :cool:

“Fortnite Bigger than Jesus” LOL…:stuck_out_tongue: someone is trying to start an argument here, but yes you are totally right, this is an awesome thing :smiley:

This is so awesome I wish I could quit my job to go and make my own one-man-army-indie-game again just to publish on this new store :stuck_out_tongue:
But I have signed papers with promises I must follow lol

12% revenue share with no 5% royalty of using the Unreal Engine? That’s really nice. 35% is a pain, and having to deal with the 5% royalty every quarter of the year is kind of difficult in terms of administration to me especially related to taxes, so this is good.

I have a question tho, do you guys ever thought about having an Epic Games Store also on Android? Considering they actually bypassed Play Store anyway for Fortnite, I’d definitely love to have my games through that media as well.