Selling intems on the marketplace

I have some rather simple questions about selling thing on the market place. I have summited a assets pack to the market place and I have changes needed, the only comment is about engine versions. I uploaded a 4.18 version but clicked ever version before that as a compatible version, I can see why I need other earlier version of files what with later version not being compatible with earlier versions and what not but my question is
do I need to upload a and crated file for each version 4.0, 4.1,4.2 and so on or do I just need a 4.0 version?

do I need to keep my files on my drop box after they have been put onto the marketplace, e.g does my marketplace download directly from my drop box or dose it get stored and downloaded on a epic server and download from there?

If you created your project using i.e 4.18 then you should only flag it as compatible with 4.18 as well as making sure it works fine with future versions when they arrive.

No. Your can delete your files after it’s released by Epic.

thanks, sorry to sound dumb, so I need to upload a project for each version I support e.g I will support version 4.10, 4.11,4.12 and so on so I will upload a project made in each version, on the PDF check list it is just unclear what I need to do, to me it is saying I only need to unload the earliest version and the latest version I want to support and everything in-between will be covered.

[FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”]15 - The project(s) provided match the Support Engine Versions listed -ail
Your product page lists that you support engine versions 4.0 to 4.18 but your project file is in version 4.18. Please add a 4.0 download or change your supported versions.-

In the submission form in compatibility section just uncheck all versions before 4.18 and resubmit.

sorry but that doesn’t answer my question, yes I understand that I can submit only a 4.18 version and I can summit a version earlier version but do I need to summit every version in between the two version.

A project created/saved in 4.18 won’t be compatible with previous versions. It will be compatible with future versions, as long as those new versions of engine doesn’t break something that worked in 4.18. So, you should always create/save your project with the earliest engine version you plan to support.
If a newly released engine version has deprecated (and replaced or simply broke) a function which you used in your project, you will have to make it compatible with newer version and upload it as a separate version and choose the newer version as compatible.

In short, you won’t need to upload a new version as long as it is not broken in newer versions, just check it as compatible and that is all.

If it works, you only flag it compatible with 4.19, 4.20 and beyond. If it doesn’t work on i.e 4.21, you fix it and submit the updated project for that specific version.