Selling Games, copyright strike?

Hi there,
I am making a game in UE4. I use free-lic models from Mixamo as a start and I use some other markteplace item that are free to use.

I wonder when I release my game, can I ask a small amount of cash for it, like 10 bucks?

I have added UE4 intro and Epic and Nvdia Intro, but I don’t know for sure that Nvidia and Epic is involved with the game, I mostly use it to get a more proffesional feel, but I don’t have setup thing s with Nvidia and EPic Games, so is that a problem?

secondly, I use a old WoW icon for the mage that is edited by fans, it is outdated, the same for the warrior icon. Is there some problem or can I just publish it, cuz it’s not more in game or because it’s fan made?

Also I use some of the Assets of Infinity Blade and Mixamo.

srry for noob questions, but I don’t want a CR Strike om my ***.

yours truly,