Selling content

Could you please tell me what the royalty payment would be for selling UDK 4 content only, for example models, environments?

If I do not create a game with UDK 4 but only sell content is the royalty payment still 5% of sales?

Also am I able to sell my UDK 4 content on other websites besides the integrated marketplace?



If you are doing it based as “work for hire” no royalties are owed. However if you sell it as a product, then the royalties are owed on the sale of that content.

Per the license:

You agree to pay Epic a royalty equal
to 5% of all worldwide gross revenue
actually attributable to each
Product, regardless of whether such
revenue is received by you or any
other person or legal entity, as
follows: a. Gross revenue resulting
from any and all sales of a Product to
end users through any and all media,
including but not limited to digital
and retail;

“Product” means any product developed
under this Agreement that combines any
Licensed Technology with any other
software or content, regardless of how
much or little of the Licensed
Technology is used.

From my understanding of the license there are no restrictions on where you sell the content but you will have to pay the royalty regardless. Currently the Marketplace does not allow for user contributions, but that is certainly something we plan to have :slight_smile: