Selling Architectural assets or scenes

I know that UE4 for architects is free. Can I sell my UE4 architectural assets and/ or scenes in assets store without paying royalty as well or no?
whats the procedure?

Hi, tells

For every item sold, developers receive 70% of the base price. There’s no single line about free architects.

Thanks a lot for your clear answer.
I went through that link and it answers most of my question. I have 2 more question if you kindly answer those as well:

  • is this 70% is the final that I get or no tax and other hiddn fee would be deducted from that as well?
  • if I buy sme assests from store (like furnitures, materials,…) and use it in my architectural project, am I allowed to sell whole project including those assests?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hm, let’s check it again:

  • For every item sold, developers receive 70% of the base price

state probably clear, because otherwise it could be something like “of the base price deducting tax”

about second - i don’t sure because on one side it would be absurd if you buy item and then just sell it’s copies to others for income, this is probably called sub-licensing and restricted, but on other side if you gonna make commercial game it should be normal that you buy assets, use them in game and then sell not assets, but your game that use bought assets

I really appreciate your prompt responses.

Has this issue been resolved?