Selling a game with paid plugins and resources

I am new here.

I want to use UE4 for making a game. If I use paid content from the marketplace, may I still sell the game or am I not allowed too?

Like imagine that I am going to create a pirate game and I use Water Content from the marketplace, may I still sell it?

The EULA is really long and I am a dutch and I am interrested what I can sell, I use the engine for some stuff, it’s easy stuff, but when the time is good I’d like to sell my first game.

[USER=“1445788”]Capn Nick[/USER] You may use any products that you have purchased in any way that you please, as long as you don’t distribute the raw source files or resell the source files. You can absolutely use them in a paid commercial game that you develop.

Thank you! So if I understand good: I may not sell their packs and claim it as mine. But I may use it for my game as long as I bought it