(Seller) No Payment received, and no support either

Hello guys,

I’m sorry I am carrying this over to the forums, but I see no other way. I have a piece of content on the Marketplace (it went online on Nov 4, 2015), but I have received no payment for it as of yet, despite the fact that it sold about 60 units until now.

I’ve triple checked my payout information since then, and (even worse) I’ve been contacting marketplace-support@unrealangine.com several times during the last four weeks and asked for help regarding the issue, but I got no answer (aside from the usual automatic response, which promises an answer within 48 hours).

I feel a little lost and irritated here. Honestly guys, I love what you’re doing, and I’ve been a part of the community since UDK, but my faith is crumbling at the moment. I don’t want to work for free while my money stays somewhere with you (?) … Please give me at least some sign of life and show me that I am not simply ignored!

Thank you, and best regards,

Hey Jonas!

I’m sorry this went unnoticed. I did speak with finance today and it does appear that payments went out yesterday. Please check to make sure you have it, if not I’ll check back with finance.

I don’t want you ever feeling stuck like this so in the future when you do go more than 3 business days with no response please feel free to PM me on here and I’ll do my best to track down what’s happening.



wow really great support, employees like you is why i love unreal

Hi Stephanie! I have to agree with Uprentiss. Thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the money still hasn’t arrived. I’ll send you a message. PM might be more fitting to settle this issue.