Sell only Materials (+textures) and PSDs ?

Hello UE Community,
i dont really know if there is a possibility to share for 1$ or something like this, textures / materials and PSDs in the Marketplace? I mean i think it is possible to just sell textures / materials but can i also sell PSD-Files in a little Material Pack? Because i wanna share some hq street signs but i wanna give users the possibility to change the text on the sign.

Sorry for maybe a dumb question :slight_smile:

you can buy material from market.

however min price are 5$

want to buy less than 5$ must go sales.

If is necessary to provide the source for all textures in a package as per MP rules, if they came from Photoshop then this is the source you have to provide :wink:

The minimum MP price is $4.99 for an asset, so you might want to gather quite some amount of files for your package.