'Self' Node disconnects on editor open

I save and close my project, and then reopen editor using UE4 Launcher all the ‘self’ nodes disconnect!
This is incredibly frustrating and I am unsure how to fix this so I’m reporting it as a bug,


Hi ShrewGlue,

Which version of editor are you using? 4.8.0?

Yes, 4.8.0 most recent version as of last thursday

This is a known bug for Epic, they have at least 2 tickets about this one. I cant remember exact numbers but will probably be able to find them in their jira software.

Hi ShrewGlue,

John is correct, this has been reported as JIRA UE-16433. I added additional information from your post to that report and we will post back here with updates as we have them.

As mentioned in a forums post about this issue, “A temporary workaround is casting self through a cast node of appropriate actor.”

Let me know if that doesn’t workaround issue in meantime.