Self-made assets quickly put together = UE4 Goodness!

So, I bought myself UE4 the same evening I returned home from GDC where it was announced.
I had these modular scifi parts from an old project so I decided to import them to UE4!
And so I got my hands dirty with it. **** gotta go to work in 3 hours.
I’m really liking this engine! :wink:

Very nice.

Good stuff, loving those reflective goodies!

any chance you can share that or maybe put it on the marketplace when they open it up to user submissions? i badly need more content :-p so far ive been importing minecraft builds but the larger ones end up taking waay too many polygons :-p

That looks very much like a stripped down version of Tor Frick’s Scifi lab, is it?

You should be very careful when accusing someone. The assets are completely different. The only similarity the two hold is a sci fi theme.

It’s hard to make anything entirely unique - but these really don’t look similar.

Good work! - I’d love to see any other futuristic assets you have in the works :slight_smile:
(The only thing I don’t understand is the sculpture of squares in the center)

Models are simple but well textured. Nice.

Absolutely. Every artist looks to another for inspiration, and dealing with genres such as fantasy or sci fi, a lot of elements are inherently similar. I believe the square sculpture is from the UE4 example assets if I’m not mistaken.

Same applies to story. ‘A hero with a thousand faces’ by Joseph Campbell basically proves every story is the same at its core. A sad, but true, fact…

Ah - you’re right. The sculpture was their attempt to show off the new lighting and shadow effects. (Still an odd looking thing if you ask me).

Ah, if it ever comes open to public I’ll do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree the two are NOTHING alike. Scifi Futuristic styles can and often will be similar to one another. But the only thing in common is the square shaping of the architecture and really I feel that is only because Henkka needs to put more props in the space to fill it out more. Great work so far though Henkka :slight_smile:

Do you understand the difference between an accusation and a question? Clearly not!
And it looks exactly like Tor’s Scifi lab modular blocks.