Self Learning Evolutionary AI?

Is it possible that:

  • 10 AI characters with random wandering behaviors know nothing about surrounding world and just wander
  • Some drop down from hill and die
  • Remaining AIs reproduce to inherit random wandering characteristics (dna)
  • Also a random blueprint is triggered sometimes(mutation) such as, if character is near x, change direction of wandering. (This blueprint behavior should be completely random)
  • Random blueprint inherits new generation AI s. So after a few generations, They`ll learn (animal instict) not to fall down

Thanks for the answers in advance

Yes and actually thats what im trying to achieve. Whole idea is not fun based and only for education. Once the characters are learning not to die by wandering, (either by spinning or standing still) maybe an energy system will help to make them walk. Food pickups must solve this. Or a predator to hunt them if they stand still

Im just trying to understand the ability of the engine. Can Individual AI write his own blueprint behavior(by random) or cant?

Of course it’ll result some funny behaviors but as soon as they live, can produce and get energy it`ll be fine… (just like our funny nature)