Selective overlap

  1. I have two Blueprints with a static mesh component in each of them. I positioned each Blueprint twice in the map. I want the objects of the different Blueprints to overlap each other, but if objects of the same Blueprint meet each other, i don’t want them to overlap. How can I do this?

  2. More or less the same Question: I have several Blueprints and I dont want the contained objects/ static meshes to overlap except with Blueprint-type A. Is this possible?

You can have custom collision profiles:

But it might be easier to just write it into the blueprints, ie, on overlap, if the other actor fails to cast to it’s own type, then that’s what you want…

I use both Collision Filtering and custom filtering using Tags (which basically does a comparison on the tag lists between the two objects, if matches are found… do something). You can update tag list in real-time for dynamic collision filtering. I personally avoid casts with custom classes at all costs because it makes the code too rigid.

Just use object == object node to determine which actor is overlapping