Selectiv cache clearing

Is there a way to clear the cache only from data of a specific project?
I hesitate clearing it because I don’t want to lose already detected points…
Or am I overrating the advantage?
Or is it like I asked once before that the data is also stored in a component and only used if there is no component in the project to use?

Hi Götz
It’s possible only when you set the PROJECT FOLDER.

could you help me out what that means specifically?
Tried to figure it out because I read it couple times before but cant make sense of it… :frowning:

Ok, I managed to answer this one for myself.
You can choose “project folder” in the flyout for cache location…
Just for the case somebody else’s got tomatoes on their eyes… :oops:

I’d like to be able to save out depth maps for re-use.

processing a model in parts, each part add’s the cache, when i don’t need to save all of that.

it starts being an issue, when depth maps take up 300gb, but after a few parts are done its hitting over a 1tb. when it would be fine with just the 300gb.

Yes, and also re-use them for different reconstruction regions.
Because I don’t realls see why they should be re-calculated every time i fiddle with it - the maps themselves should be the same, right?
Why not post this in feature requests?