Selection Screen Creation help

Is that possible in unreal ? I actually wanted to do an photo album , it something like selection screen like that . Any help is much appreciated !

Hi Sirius

Can you elaborate a bit on that? Do you want to be able to show a few photos and select one of them and then do something with it?


Thx for reply!! er its something like this , at 1:16 . Flip page and so on . I know modelling , juz the matter of making it in to a program that can make it flip

Hi Sirius

I would do a simple rig for the book spine and pages (using your preferred 3D tool) and import it as a skeletal mesh. UE can definitely do that, it just needs a bit of preparation in your DCC tool :slight_smile:


Wow thx for reply!! , the term dcc tools is quiet new to me ! Well its my time to do my homework . Thx!

Ah sorry for that: DCC = Digital Content Creation. It is a general term for the tools used to create digital content (from 3D Suites to Photoshop, etc) :wink:

Definitely have a look at some rigging / animation tutorials for the package you’re using. There’s even some tutorials out there that show you how to do a page turning, just like you want.

Which 3D tool are you using?

Ahhh sorrry for late reply , I am current using max . I just dont know how to program the page turning thing , and I would like to include bgm and some montage too . Then game selection screen came to my mind .

It’s not really “programming” :wink: Have you worked with rigging / animations in Max yet?

I also just stumbled across:

I assume you want something like that?

Thx for the link!!! Btw I have no experience in rigging , but done animation with premade bone . After rigging and animation done , How do I make a program that will make the page flip when I click it ? And allow to add bgm and montages too , the whole package is exactly like game

You could draw a hit box over it using a HUD blueprint, then call the animation when the hit box is clicked. You can add audio in UE4 and probably use Matinee for montages.

I only know the very basics, but it’s probably how I would do it.

You can do that stuff in the engine. A rough idea would be:

  1. Import your mesh into UE (as a skeletal mesh)
  2. Make a blueprint from the mesh
  3. Add two triggers to the left and right pages, for example the lower left corners (to go forward/backward)
  4. Catch the mouse clicks on the triggers to, well, “trigger” the according page-turning animations
  5. For the elements on the page, you could use decals (and catch mouse events on them to see if the user clicked on one of them)
  6. Create some spritesheets and hook them into the decal material if you want to animate the graphic of the decals

That should work :slight_smile:


thx for your patience and detailed guidance . +1 !!!

thx to you too!!

my pleasure :wink:

alright now hereis my problem … I got like 40 pages … how am I going to do so many == Any idea? Rig one by one and add trigger one by one ?

i would only rig the minimal set you need (e.g. front cover, turn to next page, turn to previous page) and just swap the decals (or what you use) on them. You dont need to rig that many pages

I see ! thx then ! . Btw Iam currently using newest version of udk :stuck_out_tongue:

… I cant get the mouse interface to work in udk ==

Erm, you ARE working with UE4 or aren’t you? If you are using UDK (UE 3.x), I would recommend jumping over to the UDK forums as there have been dramatic changes from UE3 to UE4 (Sorry for that, I was assuming you mean UE4 all along :wink: