Selection of only one interactable item at time

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
I am asking if anyone knows how to handle this situation in blueprints.
I have a scene with 4 items (that are child blueprints class and that are clickable (after selecting it changes a material to fresnel with sine, so it is “shining”) Selection/deselection works fine but i want **only one of them to be selected at the time, **
so after selecting one of them and trying to select other, the first one would deselect and second one would be selected.

I thought i came up with solution when I created an Array that stores all the Actors of class, but now i dont know how to select actor from this array that has bool "AllowSelection(true)"
(If this is the approach i should take)

If you have any ideas and methods or tips, I would be greatful for your help!,
Thank you!

Hi man
long story short , you just need a variable,… and you can use the same you use for reference
Your click select the actor and save the reference in a variable, just use the same variable for all the selection and only 1 will be stored.
When you want deselect you can set the varaible “to nothing” here a screen

i figured out some work-around :smiley: i am not quite sure if it can work like this tho…

Boolean “Selection is same” = This is just a check if Selected actor is the same as Actor underneath the cursor (hover over)

Now i have a problem that it is not correctly casting the variable “Is Selected” to my effector (Name of parent class of interactable items)

edit - i deleted the boolean casting in the end, since it wasnt working out for me…this is how it looked with them