Selection not outlined/highlighted

When I select an object on the Editor, there is no selection outline/highlight, even when “Use Selection Outline” is enabled in the editor preferences with an highlight intensity of 0.5. It happened to me since UE4.14.

Hey Ley0k-

If you’ve already tried checking the Use Selection Outline option, the issue may be related to the graphics card. We have see this occurring with AMD RX 480 specifically. Can you provide your DXDiag to help confirm if that is the case? I would suggest updating graphic drivers to see if that helps.


Yes I’m using Radeon RX 480 with latest graphics driver.

Is DXDiag really needed and do you have any estimation on when this issue is fixed?

This has not been resolved yet, however you can track status of this issue here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-44116) . As mentioned in the description, rolling your drivers back to 17.1.1 should fix the behavior.

It looks like it’s fixed after updating Radeon to version 17.6.1.

However, there seems to be an isue with the highlight depth. The more the distance, the more the selection will appear through walls. And when selecting the sky sphere it creates a yellow foggy effect in the environment.