Selection Lock or Filter?

Is there a way in Unreal Editor to lock objects so that you can’t grab them in the view area? Or perhaps a Selection filter so that you can only select one type of object. For example, only be able to select lights or reflection probes, or geometry, etc?

There’s something called layers you can use, a bit like layers in photoshop:

You can’t lock anything, but you can choose what is / isn’t visible.

Will this allow for making, let’s say, a bounce of rocks not selectable in the viewport?

The only way to stop things being selectable is by using a plugin. I use this one, it’s great

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Thanks, just what i need

Says unavailable in the marketplace, or am I missing something?

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If I’m logged in, I see I own it. If I’m logged out I see ‘login to buy’.

It seems to be available…?

Try searching for ‘freezer’.

Ah, sorry was using the web version of the marketplace. On the app, it works fine. Thanks will buy it straight away :slight_smile:

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It’s pretty good, you can make them un-selectable and/or immoveable. Should be part of the editor, I think.

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Yes, for sure hitting things in the editor all-day that I’m not supposed to
Thanks for the recommendation

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The sky, for example :smiley: