Selection highlight always on


I’m getting this problem in 4.14 and also in the 4.14.1 hotfix - selected objects always have certain amount of the yellow highlight. In editor preferences “Selection Highlight Intensity” is set to 0.0. If I rise it for example to 0.5, another layer of highlight appears, but this one is kinda bugged - as you can see on the right image, it doesn’t appear on the whole mesh, but it also blinks in the areas where the second layer of highlight isn’t visible.

Using GTX 1070 with the latest drivers (reinstalled just to test the problem). This is happening with all the projects which are ok under 4.13

Hi ,

This looks like a feature that has broken often in the past according to some of the tickets I’ve stumbled across. While it does look to have some issues in 4.14 I cannot reproduce these same issues in our latest internal build of 4.15, and I did not find any recent tickets where this was reported, so it could have resolved with some other changes or was deliberately fixed without a ticket.

Once 4.15 previews start early next year if the issue is persisting for you please feel free to post back here and we can follow up. Thank you!


Ok, will keep an eye on this and report back if 4.15 still has the bug. Thanks.

I’m experiencing the exact same issue in 4.14.3
It also makes Particles very hard to edit in the level Viewport !

Yep. Me too. Highlight is still not fully transparent at highlight intensity 0 in 4.15 Preview 3.

It makes editing the colors of whatever you’ve selected annoying. Apparently it only occurs with particular types of objects though, like Sprites and Skeletal meshes, but not Static meshes.

Issue is now reported here since it appears it came back for the 4.15 previews and is now consistently reproducible in our 4.16 internal build too: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-41677)

On a mac with an Intel Iris Pro 6200 graphics card the selection highlight does not respond to any of the transparency settings. You can change the colour but not the transparency. This occurs in 4.14.3, 4.15.0 and 4.15.1. Also the game icons/ billboards (e.g. Player Start appear chequered as if selected).


Note the highlight effect happens on Static Meshes not just Skeletal Meshes as UE-41677 reports.