Selecting items to spawn from an item container

Hello again, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some issues I’m having regarding spawning items.

With the first issue, I’ve made a item container that spawns an item when destroyed which is all and good, but it currently only spawns one type of item.

Instead I would like to be able to select the item that spawns from each individual container I place within the level rather than every placed container spawning the same item every time.

As for the second issue, I created a child blueprint of the above item container blueprint that unlike its parent is intended to spawn one type of item every time its destroyed. The problem though is that it spawns the wrong item, which I would like to change but since the blueprint is a child of the above item container blueprint, I end up with this when I open it:

I can’t seem to see anyway of changing the spawned item to something different from its parent blueprint.

Can anyone help me out with either of these issues?

  • create an actor (soft, mayhap?) class variable and make it Instance Editable:

  • each container can now choose what to spawn:


The second issue is a bit fuzzy, but a child can override a variable:

Might be enough, depending on how the rest is set up.

Or, lets say, the parent does this:

The child can set the variable first to what’s needed and then use the functionality defined in the parent. So you do not need to duplicate any script.

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