Selecting closest alternative version is not working!

I’ve never had this problem, I have a few awesome assets that I use constantly, used them just over a week ago. They are for version 4.23 and 4.22. I usually just press “Add to Project” , “Show all projects”, and choose closest compatible alternative version and it works just fine. But today I am trying that exact thing and it does absolutely nothing. I choose add to project after the process I just mentioned and nothing. It acts like its going to install for a breif second then quits and just says “add to project”… Please help, I have no idea what to do.

I don’t know why that’s not working, but you can make an empty project of the right ( or close ) version, install to that, and then migrate.

Thanks. I guess I could try to download the version its for and try that but I’ve never had this problem, so inconvenient and a waste of space and time to have all of those other versions installed on my pc…

Yeah that didn’t work, man this is frustrating, I’ve been searching online and plenty of people have dealt with this and there is no solution of any sort anywhere by Epic.