selecting camera crashes engine

I have a series of matinees with shots set up
when i want to reimport the chr animation i just do it the standard way and it works

however (re)importing the fbx cameras inside matinee does not seem to do anything

previously i was force deleting the camera asset from my outliner and then importing a new version.

however- i now have an issue where just clicking on the camera name instantly shuts the program.
this is true for all cameras i did not create/import today.

without being able to remove them it seems matinee cant/wont overwrite the keys

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
is there somewhere in the content folder that houses these imported cams so i can just remove them that way?

Hey im_dr3w -

It seems like something in the camera setup in the umap file has gotten corrupted. I would suggest first, go into your Project folder in Windows Explorer and delete the Saved, Intermediate and if there is one the DerviedDataCache sub folders. Once those are deleted try reopening the project, it will take a while as the engine will have to rebuild and recompile the project from scratch but hopefully will fix the corruption in the camera actors.

Thank You

Eric Ketchim