Selecting animation based on key input (branching)

I’ve been using the method shown by Unreal Engine on youtube to set up a basic attacking animation for my character (using the punching tutorial). Now I would like to add more attack animations using different keys, for example right mouse button, g, y etc. I have set up the first attack like in the tutorial video and it works perfectly and I have added my other animations with the variables and everything and set it up the same way. I am continuing the event graph node chain from the first animation on to the next ones.

However, using the debugger in the animation BP editor, I see that my chain of events stops when it reaches the branch node of the first animation and doesn’t play the others because it is told that the branch condition is false and so it stops the chain of events. Please see the picture below:

How can I work around this?

Picture URL:

Multigating is the problem here. I’ve fixed it by doing the following:

Again, I’ll leave this here in case anyone else is searching for this.