Selecting a moving actor in the editor window during simulation causes it to "fly away"

I’m experiencing a rather bizarre issue where, when I select a certain actor I have placed in the world whilst running the editor in simulation mode, the actor will “fly away”. When not selected, the actor follows it’s ordinary path as dictated by it’s Tick method. However, as soon as I select it, it begins to accelerate at an absurd rate, supposedly along the path it was supposed to originally follow (meaning it’s rotation is fine, but it’s position is being modified).

WIthout posting the entire actor class, can anyone point me in the right direction to look for solutions? I don’t know where to begin debugging this issue at all, I can’t see why selecting the actor in the editor window would change it’s position.

For reference, I’m setting it’s location with SetActorLocationAndRotation, however I don’t specify an ETeleportType (which I don’t think is relevant).