Select multiple variables in Blueprint?

I don’t know if it’s something that’s possible, since I know next to nothing about coding and such, but would it be possible to select multiple variables (in the list) in the Blueprint Editor? Like a “Bulk Edit” of sorts? Also, to put them into categories quicker?
It would also be nice if, when selecting multiple variables in the graph, to be able to having a bunch selected, then dragged to a pin to connect them all at the same time.
Maybe with a pop-up box, asking “is what you want?”, when doing so.

I am sorry I can’t be more technical that that. I honestly no nothing about this, so, sorry!

Thank you very much!

Yea… it would be great to move multiple variables. And just show common attributes in Details. Or don’t show anything. I just wanna move attributes in bulk.

I hate this too! Come on Epic Fix this…We are trying to keep our BP Neat!

This has got to be my biggest annoyance in the blueprint editor. Setting up categories for dozens, if not hundreds of unsorted variables one by one is a major nuisance and unnecessary waste of time. Please consider adding standard CTRL/SHIFT mass selection options with their common properties being displayed on selection. I’m sure many of us would appreciate it greatly.

Bulk Edit tool exists since 4.9.

I think the feature request is a different thing what Bulk Edit tool really does. It works only with object you have placed in the game world. However if you want Edit multiple variables for a Blueprint class, you can’t.
For Example: If I want change the Category for multiple variable I can’t and I need to do that one by one.
I also think that it could be a great feature in such cases.

Many thanks.