Select different meshes in a blueprint through a separate blurprint's construction script [NOOB]

Hi everyone.

I’m following Tefel’s Chess tutorial with a lot of success but I’ve now hit a wall. I’m at the part where he selects different materials for the different player pieces (black and white) using a “>” that spits out the different materials. What I want to do is select different meshes for each player without having a separate blueprint for each piece so as to have the pieces share the same behavior rules. I would assume this would make life easier down the line. What Tefel and I are doing differently is that he’s using standard static meshes whereas I’m using a single actor blueprint since all the pieces are the same per player.

Do I make a separate construction branch to build player 2’s pieces or should I leave them all in the same line and use some sort of condition to determine what mesh it uses? Have a look at my graph to see where I’m stuck. I’m honestly not sure where to go from here. I have the idea that I make some sort of variable that the construction script calls to determine what mesh is displayed… Just a guess!

And here’s my player piece blueprint that is now broken because I fiddled with it too much:

I’m making a checkers game because I think making AI would be FAR easier than chess. At this point I feel I should have started with tick tack toe!

Now PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong but I think I’m on the right path. Just struggling with this bit.

Unnecessary information:

I’m a very accomplished 3D artist so the visual aspect will NOT be a challenge for me. I’ve never made games in my life and only just opened UE4 last week. I’m loving feeling lost!


No one has an answer?

I’m going to revert and have the pieces colour coded in the mean time to carry on following Tefel’s tut.

One last bump and maybe someone will have an answer for me.