Select all spline points except first and last?

I wanted to find a way to add a mesh at all points on a spline except the first and last any help appreciated…I’ve managed to do it but I’m beating my head on how to not create the meshes at the start and beginning can do the beginning one by simply adding 1 to the initial for loop but I know that’s cheating!..any direction much appreciated…thanks

Sounds spot on to me. Following your logic, half the stuff I do is fraud then. :expressionless:

I’d take the cheat too if it worked! but it only works on first index unfortunately…

Loop Body … Branch (Index != to 0 or last index) → proceed.

The perfect cheat is perfect.

Haha. Every Day All Day

Thanks for the help…much appreciated!

In the end I “cheated” even more and used a simple clamp to clamp the last index out!..worked great!!!