Select All Descendants in Outliner doesn't behave as expected

I have a folder filled with nested StaticMeshActors.

When you right click on the folder in the World Outliner and choose Select, you have two choices:

  • Immediate Children
  • All Descendants

I would expect that the Immediate Children option would highlight only the top level children, and the **All Descendants **option would highlight all of the nested children.

However, currently those options both behave exactly the same way-- selecting the top level children. This seems like a bug.

Also, if I select the top-level folder without selecting any of it’s children and hit delete, it only deletes the folders and throws everything that was in it into the main branch of the outliner. I had expected that if you delete a parent it would by default delete any nested children.

Since I can’t delete just the parent without having the children selected, and the All Descendants option won’t select all of the children for me, it’s a cumbersome process to delete a folder filled with nested actors as I have to carefully select by scrolling, hitting shift, and hoping I didn’t accidentally select something else in the outliner in the process.

This still exists in 4.20!

Would you mind bugging this behavior?