Select actors in the viewports


I really like the move, rotation and scale tools :wink:
What also would be nice to have is a tool where I can select actors in the viewport. Select and nothing else.
No moving, no rotating, no scaling. Just selecting; (for tweaking in the details panel, etc).

Sometimes my mouse acts a bit jerky and I move actors around while i only wanted to select them.

Or is this already possible?


Hi KVogler,

Just to clarify, are you looking for something like mouse-clicking on the name of the actor in the world outliner (which selects the actor and brings up its details in the details tab), or are you looking for something like this, the Locking Viewports to Actors?


Thanks for the reply.

What I mean is: Sometimes I want to select an actor in the viewport but while clicking to select it, my mouse makes a slight forward motion, which causes the selected actor to move slightly.
The function I would like to have is basically identical with the following mode in 3DSMax:


So, basically, selecting actors, but whatever you do then with your mouse, you wont move, scale or rotate the actor. Just pure selection only.


A click+drag selection (maybe with some modifier like ctrl if needed) would be something really useful… not only in the viewport but in the content browser and other places as well.

Hi all,

Ok, I understand a little better now. Luckily, this has already been suggested and there is a JIRA logged for it, and even mentions the similarity to Max/Maya controls. For tracking purposes, it’s UE-847, to add a selection mode that does not include the movement/scale/rotation options. I will note that there has been additional interest in this on the JIRA and see if it can get any additional traction. In the meantime, clicking on the actor’s name in the World Outliner kinda does what you’re asking at least in that you will be able to select the actor without actively using your mouse to select it in the viewport.

Hope this helps!