Select a float that does not exist


I’m trying to get a specific float that comes from an asset that simulates physics.
I want to call an event when the float is <= 0. This happens when the asset reaches a certain position but the object may bounce and never show 0.

I have tried to use the “Float Spring Interp” function so that when the float reaches 0 it does not stop and continues to count negative to have more margin to be detected.

works fine but not at all framerates. 120 frames is fine but 60 or 30 not.

I have tried hit events, overlaps, traces and I do not finish getting the result I want

I leave an image to see if I can understand it better.


If I wanted to get a float between 36.95 and 31.59, how do I do it if it doesn’t exist?

I get the float from the function “get current swing” from the physics Constraint component.