Segment Not Showing Landscape Material


One of the segments of my landscape has randomly dropped the landscape material off it, causing it to revert to the grey grid. It is not allowing me to texture it at all.
I’ve attached a reference picture.

Any ideas why this has happened? I’ve restarted my map, re-applied and re-saved my landscape material. I’ve made sure the grid segment has the material applied. So far no luck.


How many textures do you use for your landscape? :slight_smile:

I use five. I understand that the maximum is 12 or 14 though?

The maximum is 10 textures in your material (https://answers.unrealengine/questions/123296/landscape-turns-gray-at-fourth-layer.html). It could be that they changed it at one point, but what happens when you just use the diffuse textures? :slight_smile: