Segment Fault Run UE4.26 Ubuntu 18.04

When I try to run UE4Editor in Ubuntu 18.04, the program doesn’t open normally. The following prompt appears:

Increasing per-process limit of core file size to infinity.

Assertion failed: NumTaskThreadSets == 1 || FMath::Min(NumTaskThreads * NumTaskThreadSets + NumNamedThreads, MAX_THREADS) == NumTaskThreads * NumTaskThreadSets + NumNamedThreads [File:/home/yfl505-lrw/UnrealEngine_4.26/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Async/TaskGraph.cpp] [Line: 1219]

Signal 11 caught.

Malloc Size=65538 LargeMemoryPoolOffset=65554

CommonUnixCrashHandler: Signal=11

Engine crash handling finished; re-raising signal 11 for the default handler. Good bye.

Segment fault(core dump)