Seems 4.11.1 breaks OBS streaming??

Does any one run into this problem when trying to capture UE4 editor windows, if you hover over anything that have pop up, it would just capture say, a tool tip?
I was trying to stream my VR dev yesterday and have this problem, at the time my work around is just to start the game and then quit right away to reset the capture.

I have stream with UE4 for over half year now and almost never run into this problem(except like during launch days when I tested the idea.)
Side note, I do have instanced stereo rendering turned on(for VR of course), don’t know if this is what caused it.
I would test more, but if anyone also do streaming and fixed this or never experience this with 4.11.1, please let me know.

I was only able to stream UnrealEd in monitor, not in game or window.

No issues with 4.11.1 recording to OBS Classic. I do not use VR so I can’t really comment on that.

I did have issues in the past with UE4 and Recording and Tooltips but that was due to overlay software like MSI Afterburner and such that did FPS monitoring and such.