Seeking work as a Game Designer/Director

**Skills **
Currently directing game development for a multiplayer RPG. My game development work begun around 2001 when i built simple flash games with high scores. Did development with Unity around 2008-2009 for some 3D environmental demos. Did some work in Project Sparks from 2013-2014, since end of 2014 sticking with Unreal.

With Unreal Bluescript, as a designer I have for the first time all the instruments at my disposal to build the game I had imagined for years.

I know most of the related software, and if required are able to obtain advanced software skills in a meaningful time. Though, my main skill is overall game design, with the scope on realistic visuals, and endgame design mechanics which aim for immersion and gameplay diversity - based on randomness. A job would help me to improve my own game content, and to grow in a professional team environment. It would also be possible to arrange and organize a development team, or to improve existing conditions.

For an overview of current work examples with Unreal from past months, see the producer Space Alpha’s YouTube Channel, and soon more info at (under construction - relaunch probably end of this year, when we begin public testing)

@Unreal Forum
RPG X, development progress updates.

E-mail or Skype info, via forum PM

Additional Information
Living currently in Germany, Berlin. Seeking work particular in Finland, preferably in the Helsinki metro area (can live and work there), full or part time. Ready to travel within about 2-4 weeks. Can write in English or German, beginner skills in Finnish language.

My favorite games are The Fairy Tale Adventure, Dungeon Master from Amiga times, and Diablo 2 on the PC.

At the moment RPG X is updated with multiplayer functionality and if things progress as they do now we plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign sometimes in 2016. However, i would prefer to work in a game development company, because resource situation is likely much better then currently the case. And also to get more in-depth experience of the industry.

Why do you think Game Design is your skill? What experience do you have in game design, and what do you define as game-design? Furthermore, do you have experience in programming languages, preferably C++?