Seeking Versatile Level Designer and Blueprint Developer for Robotic Simulator

Hi Unreal community!

I am a senior scientist and team lead at Brain Corporation (, a San-Diego based company. Brain Corporation applies expertise in machine learning and computer vision to create intelligent systems capable of functioning autonomously in complex human environments. As a component of our R&D process we have developed a robotic simulator based on the Unreal 4 Engine.

We are looking to improve the content and the functionalities of our simulator by:

  1. Designing and creating new test environments
  2. Adding new functionality to existing environments
  3. Improving flexibility and simplifying our current system

Required Skills

We are looking for an Unreal level designer and Blueprint developer with the following skillset:

  • Strong experience with Unreal 4 Engine
  • Design and implementation of indoor environments (floor plans will be provided). This will be the primary focus
  • Strong experience in Blueprint programming (C++ is a plus)
  • Creation of game-ready assets for mobile platform (limited resources platform)
  • Good communicative skills, fast interactions.

We are interested in contracting one or two remote freelancers. Work would either be paid per hour or based on completed content, depending on your profile. In the short term, you will be focussed on creating new test environments (levels) that we will use internally at Brain Corporation to evaluate our robotics software. These levels will be indoor environments, for example a warehouse, a grocery store, a hardware store, or an office space, with two main requirements: First, the number of actors, polygons and materials used for each environment should be limited, in order to constrain the computational resources needed for simulation. Second, the design of the levels should be focused on realistic structures rather than detailed visual appearance. In our use cases, we do not need to have a realistic rendering, thus you should refrain from using any complex textures or materials.

A good example of the level of visual complexity needed is given in this screenshot. Notice that the shelving units are very simple and that most of the content consists of boxes with different sizes and colors.


To Apply:

Submit an application at, with a list of projects you worked on, and a sample of projects reflecting your skills.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

This looks like an awesome project and the work of Brain Corporation is really impressive. We’d love to be involved in this project and sent you off an email with our portfolio, as we have loads of experience with level design in Unreal.

Your project sounds very intriguing. I sent you an email with links to my previous projects and experience, along with a resume. I look forward to hearing from you. Best of luck on your project!