Seeking UI Designer for 3rd Person Hack and Slash Horror Information Inside

Hello my name is Brandon and I’m seeking someone that does UI design and art work for it, were currently creating a RPG hack in slash similar to dragons dogma crossed with final fantasy 10 level system,

Since were aiming for fund raising from kickstarter and need the basics in UI, we would like to organize for someone to make what we need in batch’s example health bars and menus,

We wish to buy them like this till we have what we need for our demo once funding is reached we plan to pay outright to complete the rest of the UI, so what we need is:

Someone that can do sci-fi and gore
some weapon and level up icons
health, stamina, magic and special bars
menu buttons ( PC, Xbox and PS button icons )
and someone that can create these as packages and we buy them as we go, I can speak more over skype.

Thanks for your time.
Examples: The best way to explain is as follows sci fi (Holographic ) and gore is bloody backgrounds, so all up red orange and black colors,

Contact information:

Skype live:brandonsxbox

I can do some artwork for a fairly decent/cheap price.

Here is some of my work in GIMP making concept art for a UI backpack that is pretty clean and solid.


The menu images are rough edits where I try out different looks.

In regards to the “Someone that can do sci-fi and gore” part - is that in reference to anything in particular? The others seem like the “packs” of assets you want, this one just seems thematic. Or is there something specific you have in mind that isn’t UI related (which we can handle, but it will help understand the project).

The best way to explain is as follows sci fi (Holographic ) and gore is bloody backgrounds, so all up red orange and black colors,

Can do, the art and the coding would be really fun to work. :slight_smile:

Spot filled thanks people keep and eye on us as were always changing and will need more staff thanks.