Seeking team for Single-Player centric game Neglicence

Evening, We are assembling a team for a “to sale” game - be it via Steam Greenlight or other (kickstarter is being heavily looked into, but we’d need proof of concept/demo first).

About the game:

In a world where games focus on multiplayer components and flop out shoddy 5hr or less campaigns, this game aims to do the opposite. With no multiplayer component on the drawing board this game aims to be the strong single player shooter that many have been waiting all too long to see again.

This is a 3rd person fast action shooter, where players are encouraged to keep moving to survive - be it wall running, sliding, using thrusters, or clinging to a wall to gain the high ground. Whether your battling your way through a grungy industrial warehouse, neon lit streets, city rooftops or residential neighbourhoods - the player will be able to enjoy destructible environments.

With a focus on a loot system players will enjoy aesthetic armour choices which can be equipped with modules to boost traits and a wide variety of weapons to choose from.

The campaign will be aimed to last over 10Hours and include side quests that don’t feel like repeats of one another, with a fully realised story that holds strong throughout the entirety of the game - be it taking down a robotics industry that aims to enslave humanity, stopping a corrupt bioengineering company and many other systems whose Negligence threatens humanities existence.

Art style: Cartoonish but stylised with realism

i.e c94ba0a8e1ce9d173686e9d43abae5871314ec85.jpeg

Who we are looking for:

Basic Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older and accustomed to using Skype and Dropbox


Programmers experience in Unreal Engine 4 - We are looking for people who are familiar with the engine and can work at a good pace with a goal for kick-starter

Concept Artist - Can do concept art for either environments or NPC’s

3D Modelers - Flexible, Looking for people in all areas of modelling and it’s a plus if you can texture your work!

Texture Artists - Should be used to cartoon-like textures that hold the aspect of realism

Animators/Riggers: Can efficiently create rigs/use Unreal Engine 4’s system - or create fluid animations

If you are interested please email me personally at: - if you have examples of your work go ahead and send them too!