seeking team for mmorpg prototype

Imagine a world where you can sail the seas as the most feared pirate, or where you, alongside your friends, terrorize small towns out in the countryside. Or better yet, you are a Baron of the very lands where smaller towns are being pillaged and you allow for this to happen, for a fee of course. Well maybe someone sees all of this happening. Perhaps a young woman was aboard a ship that was plundered and sought revenge by joining her nation’s navy, but she could have very well aimed to take you down herself by leading her own crew of pirates to retaliate. Those towns you pillaged, you killed the parents of young man who wants nothing but to track you down and kill you with your bare hands. He could have easily became a watchman and awaited your presence so that he could punish you humanely, but humanity is reserved for those deserving, such as his parents. And as you sit in your lush chair huddled by the fire in the late October nights, hearing the screams of those living upon your land, you give no second thought to those that guard you, seemingly loyal. They all had families in the towns you allowed to be attacked and they are looking for someone to pay. I have but one thing to tell you before you are left to your own fate. Nothing is set in stone, today may mark your end so make with it what you may, because no one is able to see what lies in front of you, your future is still yet, To Be Determined.

Hi there, I’m looking to make my 3 year long dream a reality with the creation of ‘TO BE DETERMINED’. The game in itself is expansive and player reliant, each action taken within in being made and determined solely by the players in single shard servers allowing hundreds if not thousands on two different servers: RP Server and Campaign Server. I’m not looking to create the entire game now, it’d cost waaaaay to much, perhaps more than I can hope for by crowdfunding on Kickstarter, so this will be just a prototype, a demo of what this could be. I’m looking to have a small portion of the map made with few basic AI, a castle, a baron homestead, pleb housing, a surrounding ocean, a ship, and other small details that highlights the expanse this world will bring.

I’ve had novice experience in game development and have only about 2 years under my belt so I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for in terms of a team, but here’s what I’m certain I need:

  • 3D Character Artist/Modelling
  • 3D Asset/Environment Artist/Modelling ( For ships, castle and walls, homes, fences, homesteads, etc )
  • Level/world Designer
  • Programmer
  • UI Game Designer

I’m not sure if that’s everything, but if you feel I need more, please comment or message me concerning it. As for payment I wrote both Royalty as well as Paid because I am NOT sure if I will receive full funding as of yet, and if not all I can promise are royalties or late payments after the prototype is finished and I submit the prototype. Also, I am willing to answer and all questions concerning this game especially if it’d help in getting more of you on board with it. I should also mention that I am searching for AAA quality or the closest possible without messing with optimization. Last thing to mention, prototype needs to be finished by January 2019. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to either email me at or commenting here.

Show what you done on your prototype. If nothing, noone would join.
Everyone has his own dreams… only way how to succeed is that you must do something. Code networking + sql or whatever, prepare 3d models and animations etc etc…