Seeking talents for VR projects

Hello everybody, we are 101%, an interactive production company based in Rome ( and we’re searching for talented and highly motivated generalists and other developers for VR projects and more…
Artists, environmental artists specialized in engine-side GFX, coders are welcome.
Please write to if you’re interested.
Thanks to everyone.

Ciao Benedetto! Are you open to working with a team of experienced VR developers? I’d love to chat with you about how we can help with your projects!

email sent :slight_smile:

**** - is it me or is iron belly out to snag every **** post! they’re an outsourcing agency - don’t they have returning clients - why do they coming into these forums and quickly snatching up potential gigs. jesus

Hi everybody, we would like to thank all the people that wrote us and please, forgive us if we didn’t answer to everybody but we’re very busy.
we collected the profiles of all the great artists and developers who wrote us. Cheers. Benedetto