Seeking talented team for massive long term project.

Hello! We are looking for experienced dev team! Need highly experienced C++, technical artists, ect ect. This is a very large and long term project. Please if you wish to know more in detail contact me immediately.

Sounds like you’re looking for what we offer, a fully managed and very experienced team to produce boat loads of awesome week by week. I’ll PM you now but feel free to check out for a bit more about us

Please provide an email. Thanks

Depending on your budget and timeline, wemay be interested. I run a small 10 man art services studio based in Florida, USA. From modeling, animation and technical setup, whether characters, vehicles, environs, particles/VFX, organic or hard surface & PBR workflows for Unreal, Unity, CryE and more. We are software agnostic (max, maya, modo, blender) whatever your project needs.

For now I have provided links to Artstation for Samples and Company CV / details- let me know if you want to discuss your project needs in more detail.