Seeking Sound Designer for exciting project.


We’re are looking for a passionate sound designer to join our team, and bring life into the project with sound.

We are working on a prototype and are now ready to start exploring this exciting part of development. We are looking for someone who has the ability to create Foley sound effects, with the knowledge to carry this over to the engine for correct setup and implementation within the level. A good underpinning of sound and how it travels is important for us, as our world needs to feel realistic - factoring in reverb, acoustics and direction.

We’d ideally want you to have a basic studio or controlled environment for capturing, and creating Binaural sound samples would be very advantageous at this stage. We have two programmers who will be able to help you with any advanced implementation of assets/features should you need it.


  • Ability to create Foley sound effects with a studio/controlled environment + edit/clean up
  • Technically minded, with strong understanding of sound acoustics and how it should be heard/experienced
  • A solid grasp of the UE4 editor - helping with the setup and implementation of the sounds for world and character objects.
  • Self starter in nature, proactive and detail-orientated.

What is the theme?

I will let the video speak for itself :slight_smile:

The project will require an NDA to be signed so we can share the finer details. If you are interested in finding out more, please email me at [EMAIL=“”]

Many thanks,