Seeking RPG Game Designer / Module Writer

Hey, guys! My boss is looking for an RPG game designer or module writer in the Los Angeles area for a freelance project. I ask for experience in designing role-playing games whether it be RPG video games or writing RPG modules for games like Dungeons and Dragons, Gurps, etc. The person must be willing to meet up with my boss to brainstorm.

The company isn’t set up yet but my boss plans to hire someone on a freelance contract basis first and if things look promising, formalize the structure and potentially hire the freelancer for a permanent role. The game you will work on is a puzzle game but specifics will be discussed with the candidates in person.

Duration: 1-2 months
Fee: negotiable but looking at around $30/hr

Again, the candidate MUST RESIDE in the LOS ANGELES area :slight_smile:

Do you already have a GDD created? We offer a free template for anyone that is in need! Cheers :slight_smile:

take not a lot.
contact only by e-mail
have viper/whatsapp/skype .
skype is -