Seeking Princess Model and ART tools Rigger, + 'Speech Bubble talk' effect for school project

hey Unreal Market,

I’m in a games course at University, and have to make a game that is somehow critical / challenging / experimental etc.

The default stone and fire textures make a powerful medieval environment,
and my idea therefore re-imagines the ‘Prince saving Princess’ to ‘Princess saving Prince’ in a funny way.

The female character doesn’t have to fight (so no fighting animations)… instead, every (static) male mesh (warrior whatever) doesn’t see her as a threat, but instead says some cat call cliche (via pop text… She just keeps going from castle to castle and is annoyed, but doesn’t fight… That way we don’t have to rig a lot of characters… just her.

I can currently set up a basic large level, and have the 3rd person Mannequin run around in it, but I need 2 things.

1. To locate an appealing princess model (can be low poly / strange / cute / funny), and get it set up in ART Tools.

  • I can find simple models, but many of them are in 3D max format… Something I can’t open
  • it’s crucial the model can be used with the current market rig / animation default set…

2. Pop up text logic once character reaches box collision / stationary other person… blueprint maybe? My need is simple.

  • get close to a target area > text pop up > click again to close > possible variation in text / two buttons.

While I’m familiar with animation basics, I haven’t managed to get the ART Tools installed correctly on my OS X.

As I understand it, rigging / skinning Maya / Unreal workflow is a snap
if you already know what you’re doing and have it configured

Some models are probably harder to set up then others. I’m pretty flexible with the characters and level of game polish.
It can be very rough around the edges aesthetically.

The workflow I imagine involves sending a simple character model,
and having that rig set up in ART Tools, ready to swap out in third person.

I don’t have a ton of money, but will credit your work (if you want) and will
try my best to find enough money to make it worth your time (if you’re really interested).

If anyone is interested, get in touch via pm or let me know how to get ahold of you?