Seeking Plugin Developer experienced with Octane Render + UE4

hi all,

I’m doing a project (not a game) in Unreal that requires fairly accurate camera simulation.

The idea is to build a plugin which allows data entry and storage of real physical camera and lens characteristics using the nomenclature that photographers and cinematographers are familiar with, and driving underlying engine parameters with that data. This allows someone working with the system to set up physically accurate shots with the correct DoF, FoV, bokeh characteristics etc.

There is a second phase with much crazier stuff, but this is the first (to me, simpler) phase of work.

As an example of some of the physical properties:

Physical Camera

  • Imager width

  • Imager height

  • Image Maximum Pixel Width

  • Image Maximum Pixel Height

  • Min ISO

  • Max ISO

  • Optional Max Shutter Speed

  • Max Framerate

  • Capture Format

  • Name

  • Aspect Ratio

  • Optional Imager crop width

  • Optional Imager crop height

  • Image Width

  • Image Height

  • Framerate

  • ISO

  • Shutter Angle OR Shutter Speed

Physical Lens

  • Name
  • Mount: Canon Arri PL, Arri LPL, Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon F, Leica-R, Leica-M, Custom Mount Name with Flange Depth
  • Zoom or Prime
  • Prime: Focal Length
  • Zoom: Focal Length Range (Min Max)
  • Min Aperture in ƒ
  • Max Aperture in ƒ
  • Optional transmittance (Percentage/Decimal 0-1)
  • If transmittance is provided, derived T-stop
  • Minimum focus distance in ft,mm,m (internally use floating point mm for all calculations)
  • Current focus distance (must be > minimum focus distance, can be expressed in M or Ft)
  • STRETCH: Is anamorphic?
  • STRETCH: Anamorphic squeeze factor (1.33, 1.4
  • Physical simulation of anamorphic bokeh would be incredible but seems doubtful. Even hacked simulation of FoV changes while retaining DoF properties would be useful.

Anyone with experience both in UE4 and Octane?