Seeking Modeler, Blueprinter for a space combat MOBA


Seeking a moderate to highly skilled Blueprinter and Modeler for a space combat MOBA.

I am a hobbyist (with a lot of free time for a while) so I’ll be straightforward in saying I am not looking for the best of the best, merely dedicated people who’d like to work on a project with someone and actually release it. The focus isn’t making a profit but if we can make money that’s a bonus and we can split it - but as I am a realist I put Unpaid for now.

Project Overview

The goal is to focus on actually releasing a basic game on both PC and possibly android (simply because it’s not that complex to move it over and I enjoy playing on my Nvidia Shield).

The game created will be a space combat MOBA. Single-Player. Specifically, the user will be able to possess a fighter (which has guns and missiles) and fly around (using physics) in third or first person. There will also be basic AI fighters, Stations, Turrets, and Corvettes.

The Stations will spawn fighters, which fill follow a path. This path will lead them, eventually, into conflict with fighters on the enemy team. The fighters of the winning side will eventually push to the corvettes, which will function as towers in other MOBAs - and have turrets on them. Turrets will have health, aim at fighters within range, and fire.

Once the corvettes are down the fight will go to Stations, which are simply bigger corvettes - more health and turrets. These are what spawn the fighters. Once this is destroyed by one team, they win.
Proof of concept / Prototype: **

If this project is of interest to you at all, let me know :slight_smile:

Recognized many familiar free models (=

Not bad for concept but looking strange not so clear for understand what kind of game you doing…

need maybe example.

Oh yeah, many free models are from I put that in all my youtube videos but forgot to mention it in the thread. That’s why I’m looking for a modeller though :stuck_out_tongue: (some models are also owned by me)

And you’re right, the videos I show are from the game I was originally making which was an open world space game. They’re just to show that I can actually make a working game with the features required for the game we want to make.

I’m currently in the process of converting my open world game into the Space Combat MOBA that I want it to be, It’ll just take a bit of time until the gameplay is how I’d like it. When I’m finished the ‘conversion’ I’ll update with a video that’s more clear about what I envision.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: