Seeking Info Referral

We are a small team taking on a project. The character animator developer we have has done a good job getting things in order but is still learning. I’ve sought a 1-1 tutor for him to help smooth the rough spots and validate what he’s done (for himself and his knowledge as well as for the project integrity) but so far I haven’t had a single taker for the task.

Could anyone refer me/us to a step by step how-to (A-Z) that takes us from using our custom character(s), applying our MOCAP animations for movement and weapons, and then attaching them to the character so they are usable in game?

Thank you in advance

Is this a paying job or you just looking for freebies?

There is some free info on my youtube page >> John Galt - YouTube

Alternatly you could join my patreon page >>

Lastly you could contact me here and for a fee we could chat 1 on 1 on discord or something about some of the things you are wanting to know.

Of course my preference would be to conserve our budget but paying for the help is not out of the question - value for value, brother

just let me know, a lot of the questions you are asking about are free on my youtube page, particularly about weapons, just have a look and if you want further info message me or join my patreon and you can access my private discord and I am sure I can help you out.

thanks…dropped you a private message to open a more direct dialog