Seeking guidance on RPG Class System

Hello All,

Looking for some guidance on a RPG Class System and have some specific questions. I have the following initial structure that I am thinking of:

BPC_RPGClassBasics: Stores basic variable structure common to all RPG Classes; things like HPs at first level, Plus to HPs at each level past 1st. List of Armor, Weapons, and other Proficiencies.
This will be a component of BPC_RPGClass_
BPC_RPGClass_: Create a new one for each RPG Class (Fighter, Thief, Cleric, etc…) and name it BPC_RPGClass_<RPG Class Name> for example BPC_RPGClass_Fighter. This will contain the specific information for that class things like, Class Features at each level, etc…

So my questions are:

  • Is the BPs a correct setup?
  • What if any should the Parent BP class be for them?
  • When creating a Player Character via the Character Creation menu should the BPC_RPGClass_<RPG Class Name> be linked as a Component to the Player Character BP?
  • Should BPC_RPGClass_ be a DataTable for the Class Progression?

Thank you