Seeking guidance on Audio Frequency Driven Shader & Shape Animation for Mobile VR Music Game

Dearest Unreal Community,

In the last months I’ve been learning and transitioning my mind to this amazing tool, and I realized I could finally realize a series of minimalist non-commercial 3D VR Music Experiences.

I’d like to design a universe of “sonic objects”, with each object to “pumping” or reacting to different audio frequencies.


Could you please guide on my learning so that I can get to:

  • Export shape animated objects from Blender (or, Softimage, will be my last farewell production on it)
  • Make sure that the sound emitter is “as in sync as possible” with the shape animation* (picture a drumbeat, a sphere scaling should be in sync with frequency’s peak)*
  • Drive colors and attributes based on audio frequency analysis (in case it’s not possible I could also go old school and export audio keyframes)

If this is possible and within my reasonable range of skills, I will be delighted to share with you the journey and let you know how it goes.

All the best,


Take a look at this:

Hi Jacky! Thank you, I found it yesterday and I’m already working with it :slight_smile:

Alll the best,