Seeking freelance video game animators

Java Printz Studios is assembling a team to create a fully customizable American Football video game. The game will be developed for the XBOX ONE and PS4 platforms. We are seeking experienced FREELANCE (NO STUDIOS PLEASE) video game animators who have the capability to:

• Create professional quality animations
• Perform stop frame animations
• Work fast and efficient in order to ensure tasks are completed timely
• Work closely with programmers to complete assigned tasks
• Be creative and artistic

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! See below details of our requirements. If you do not follow these instructions you will not be considered for work.

  1. To be considered for this position you will need to complete a professional quality small TEST CASE so that we can preview the quality and timeliness of your work as well as your skill sets.

The test case is as follows:
We want you to take ANY stock character you may have in your library and create a 1 minute run cycle with them running holding a football. Please see this youtube video for a reference ( You can fast forward the video to the 2:57 minute mark and it will show the type of run sequence we are looking for.

  1. Email us your test file in .FBX format no other file type will be accepted. Our email address is:

  2. Upon our review of your submitted file, we will review it for quality and contact you if you are selected to work on the team. Note: We prefer animators who have SOLID experience with creating professional animations for VIDEO GAMES and have the capability to meet deadlines.

IMPORTANT: We prefer animators who are familiar with or have a good working knowledge of American, Canadian and/or INDOOR (Arena) Football or have created animations for SPORTS VIDEO GAMES. Also, to be accepted for this position you MUST have a PayPal account.