Seeking Freelance Programmers for American Football Video Game

Java Printz Studios is developing a fully customizable American Football VIDEO GAME and we are seeking experienced UE4 VIDEO GAME developers who
are experienced with:

• Creating animation montages and animation blending
• Creating gameplay in UE4
• Can develop create game modes (i.e. franchise mode, career mode etc.)
• Have good communication skills, is reliable, dependable and can meet assigned deadlines
• Can sync game audio with gameplay animations
• Has an active PayPal account
• Speak fluent English
• Have an active Skype account
• Can be available for weekly conference calls regarding the project within the Eastern Time Zone

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! See below details of our additional requirements.
We are seeking UE4 VIDEO GAME developers who have SOLID skills with creating (VIDEO GAME) gameplay. We have base AI logic in place. We prefer developers who have a good working knowledge of AMERICAN, CANADIAN and/or ARENA FOOTBALL. Note: This is a CONTRACT PAID position that requires a highly skilled UE4 VIDEO GAME developer with STRONG project focus, good listening skills and is good at taking direction in order to ensure tasks are completed timely. If you meet this criteria, please contact us at to be considered for this position. (NO STUDIOS PLEASE) FREELANCERS ONLY!!!